Bile Reflux - Causes Symptoms Treatment

An imbalance in the Bile Reflux duct can lead to physical illness, illness and emotional problems. These are the causes or symptoms of bile. The word bile is derived from the original word 'tap'. Heat is heat. Bile contains both the elements, ‘fire’ and ‘water’. The bile flow indicates motility. 

Causes of bile Reflux 

Increased appetite and / or thirst.



Dizziness and or dizziness

Sudden onset of intense heat and urgency of the body.

Bad breath and body odor

Dry throat.

Feeling nauseous after meal time.


Feeling of tenderness in the breast / testicles.

Painful menstrual cramps

Behavioral changes due to bile Reflux defect (symptoms)



Increase in ego

Extremely heroic




Unstable behavior

The sauce of perfection

Bile Reflux  Diseases | Diseases caused by pitta dosha imbalance

Bile Reflux can cause many diseases, some of which are as follows


Hemorrhoids, eczema, pimples, skin diseases

Heartburn, stomach ulcer


Blood clots and paralysis

Kidney infection

Disorders of the thyroid gland




Symptoms of chronic fatigue

Myopia or blindness

Diseases of the immune system


The balance of defects stimulates the achievement of goals and objectives, increases concentration, increases the ability to solve problems, and increases confidence.

What causes bile?

Consumption of foods that increase bile (spicy, sour, salty, spicy, oily, processed foods and red meat)

Coffee, black tea, nicotine (smoking), alcohol and other drugs

Constant living in the sun

Emotional stress

Overwork and / or laziness

Remedy for bile

Eat a proper diet

Choose the middle way

Enjoy the good things

Meditate and be grateful


Bile Reflux Treatment

1. Eat a proper diet

Eat a diet that alleviates  (bitter, astringent, sweet tasting food). Milk, ghee, butter are excellent Reflux suppressants. Eat sweet fruits instead of sour fruits. You can use sweets other than honey and molasses.

2. Choose the middle way

Properly combine functionality and relaxation. Avoid too much work or too much rolling.

3. Enjoy the good things

Eat a regular diet and spend some time in good company and close to nature.

4. Meditate and be grateful

Meditate and stabilize the wandering mind of your reflux nature. Also, make a list of all the things you have gained and be grateful for.

5. Yoga

The following yogas help to reduce the effects of reflux imbalance.

1. Marjarasan

2. Baby seat

3. Chandra Namaskar

4. Utkatasana

5. Bhujangasana

6. Contrary to Shalabhasana

7. Paschimottanasana

8. Halfway

9. Ardhasarvangasana

10. Setubandhasana

11. Shavasana

12. Yogic breathing

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