Depression treatment by laughter gas and smiling medicine

Depression  treatment many, but ignoring it, not talking about it, hiding it takes so long that wedon't pay attention to achieving good mental health. What is the solution?

Depression  treatment many, but ignoring it, not talking about it, hiding it takes so long that wedon't pay attention to achieving good mental health. What is the solution?
Depression treatment by laughter gas and smiling medicine

Feeling bored, down, not wanting to do anything, wanting to sit or sleep, not wanting to talk to anyone, not being in the mood ... such a feeling comes to you from time to time. No one is an exception to him. Research shows that it is difficult to find a person in the world who has never been disappointed. Because even small babies have such feelings. But as it progressed, it often seemed to be a warning sign. 

Today, billions of people around the world suffer from misery and are undergoing treatment. Even then, women's mental health was neglected. They do it themselves, and they tell me what's going on. But misery is one of the fastest growing diseases in the world. Often the person's mentality is the cause. 

misery is considered a complex disease. The treatment is long. It depends on the level of misery you have. But researchers have recently found an effective cure for this disease. Nitrous oxide; Which is also known as ‘laughing gas’. This is an important finding that if a patient inhales a small amount of this gas, his misery can be reduced.

Nitrous oxide gas is mainly used in dental clinics, anesthesia in patients with oral diseases. The gas is also used as an analgesic after surgery. But for the past few years, researchers have also been using it as a 'medicine'. It is now effective in treating misery. The discovery was made by scientists at the University of Washington in St. Louis and was recently published in the popular medical journal Science Translational Medicine. Larger trials will also be conducted to seal this research. 

If a patient inhales a small amount of nitrous oxide gas for two weeks, there is a good improvement in patients with misery, moreover, patients with a long-term illness; Researchers say that the gas will be effective for those who are not affected by anti-anxiety drugs. Peter Nagley, a researcher and anesthesiologist who took part in the study, said that some patients with misery were given the laughing gas for about an hour. It was divided into two groups. 

During the test, one group smelled about 25 percent of the gas and the other 50 percent. Patients who inhaled less gas were more likely to find the remedy more effective. Not only that, but the side effects or side effects of other regular medications on patients were also found to be extremely low. So with more research on this, it will be widely used. Patients suffering from misery have been greatly relieved by this. The number of people suffering from misery is increasing day by day. 

Even young children are affected. Significantly, depression affects the elderly, adults, men, women, young people, adolescents, and even young children in a variety of physical and mental effects. For example, in women, irritability, anxiety, mood swings, fatigue, and a large number of negative thoughts come to mind. Symptoms include intense anger, avoidance of family and office responsibilities, dangerous actions, separation from family and society, not mixing with them, living alone.

According to the American Psychological Association, misery affects about 10 percent of men in the United States. It has a high rate of misery due to excessive alcohol consumption. However, this type of depression is less common in women. According to the Central Institute of Disease Control, misery is on the rise among teenagers, especially children between the ages of 13 and 19. This proportion is around four per cent. Recession, anxiety, and worry are not just for adults, but for children as well. 

Charles Conway, another researcher who studied drug abuse in 15 percent of patients, says that although effective treatments for depression are available, anxiety medications do not have much effect on about 15 percent of patients. This made it difficult for them to live a normal life. However, researchers still do not know why the drugs do not affect them. Laughing gas may be the most effective treatment for such patients.