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Arthritis - Causes, Symptoms, Types and Remedies

Arthritis  Rheumatoid arthritis, which is commonly found in children, is now commonplace, from young children to the elderly.  The condition of the patients suffering from this disease is getting worse and worse.

In the winter, arthritis sufferers literally start to throb and ache and their limbs and limbs become paralyzed and they stop working! In the past it was said that joint pain occurs with age, but nowadays you may have seen young and old people around you suffering from joint pain at a very young age!

Today we are going to get detailed information about joint pain! Rheumatoid arthritis can also affect men and women of all ages, young children, old men and women! Rheumatoid arthritis is called arthritis.


joint pain means

These diseases involve pain in the ligaments that connect your bones and the fine fibers or fibers in the muscles. It also causes severe pain to the muscles around the bones. The joints of the spine, waist, knees, and fingers are more prone to joint pain.

To date, even scientists have not been able to find a cure for rheumatic pain. Treatments are only given until the pain subsides with a pain killer. Joint pain is an intense infection.

The disease does not kill the person, but it can cause paralysis of the limbs, lameness, paralysis of the limbs, affecting the function of the organs attached to the joints, leaving the person partially or completely . Over the years, the pain of rheumatoid arthritis has left the person feeling bored and gradually losing its effectiveness.


How to get joint pain 

You may have also seen many patients who are bedridden due to arthritis. A lubricating substance is heard in the joints that connect your bones to increase the efficiency of your bones. Like an oil and grease, this fluid maintains the efficiency of your bones and prevents friction.

In arthritis, this substance has an adverse effect and gradually the fluid stops forming and the area becomes stiff and swollen and turns into bone. This makes the bones stiff and makes it impossible to move at the joints. Inability to move can lead to gradual loss of function in a person's organs.

Science has not yet succeeded in finding the root cause of arthritis. Rheumatoid arthritis is said to be a hereditary disease, but some scientists believe that viral and bacterial infections can cause a weakened immune system to affect the joints of the bones!

Heredity is also thought to be caused by a combination of genetic bacteria and viruses.


Classical causes of rheumatoid arthritis

According to scientists and medical science, arthritis is caused by an increase in acidity in the body. As the acidity in the blood increases, the acidity is carried by the blood and concentrated in the bones of the body and in the joints of the bones, i.e. in the bones.

Drawn to calcium. This is why these acidic substances accumulate near the bones. Due to the chemical process, these acids chemically react with the calcium in the bones. This reaction stops the bones from absorbing the elastic lubricant near the joints and the bone-like substance forms around the bones and sticks to the joints. This causes small lumps to form around the joints. This is called joint inflammation.

This increased acidity in the body does not come from outside, but due to our wrong eating and drinking habits, the acidity increases in the body. Rheumatoid arthritis is thought to be caused by joint pain, overwork, or obesity.

Ayurveda says that arthritis is caused due to imbalance of air, bile and phlegm. Protein in the diet helps control bile. Cough is also controlled by consuming starchy foods. Ayurveda does not consider the importance of vitamins and salts in natural diet.

Symptoms of Arthritis -

Rheumatoid arthritis starts in your toes. Severe pain in the toes or toes. This is followed by a gradual spread of arthritis to the joints of the bones throughout our body. Rheumatoid arthritis can spread from one joint to another. So you can see small lumps forming in your joints. H

Slowly it affects the joints and joints throughout the body. Just as the flow of a river is initially low and then gradually increases to form a large flood, so arthritis spreads rapidly throughout the body and makes a person completely or partially .

Arthritis, which starts in the toes, slowly begins to grip on every joint in your body. Nodules begin to form at this time near the joints. With the onset of rheumatoid arthritis, the body temperature begins to rise. As arthritis gets older, the fever goes down and the joints become swollen and sore.

The pain is exacerbated by movement in the joint. At this time the patient does not allow the joints to move so that the joints do not move in any way, causing the limbs to become crooked or the toes to become permanently crooked. Rheumatoid arthritis is more common in rainy days and spring

Feels more at night during the season. Rheumatoid arthritis patients experience increased irritability as well as weakness, insomnia, heart disease, loss of appetite, thirst, loss of appetite, lethargy, restlessness,  These include chronic ailments such as constipation, chronic colds, and coughs.


Types of Rheumatoid Arthritis -

There are several types of arthritis, some of which are as follows:

  •  In the joints
  • Arthritis
  • Arthritis / spondylosis
  • Tuberculosis in the joints
  • Arthritis caused by tuberculosis
  • In traumatic arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis occurs in three major .

  •  Intense
  • Antiquity
  • Arthritis that never heals

Remedies and Treatments for Arthritis -

Before treating any ailment according to Ayurveda, one has to focus on the patient's entire schedule, diet and habits. There are three things to look for when treating any ailment.


Those matters are as follows-

  • Patient history
  • Wrong eating habits
  • The patient's lifestyle / vitality


Arthritis was treated in two ways

  • Internal treatment and
  • External treatment

Internal treatment -

Rheumatoid arthritis can be caused by less than stellar eating . For this, it is necessary to include green leafy vegetables, milk and boiled food in the daily diet. The risk of rheumatoid arthritis is reduced even if water enters your body as per your daily needs. For this you should drink at least seven to eight glasses of water daily.

The feces stored in the intestines of our body decomposes over time, causing excessive flatulence. The patient's stomach needs to be cleaned regularly to prevent rheumatism or to get early relief from rheumatism. If you have a clean stomach, you will not suffer from rheumatism, so you should include more fiber in your diet. It is best to eat fruit and vegetable salads such as carrots, cucumbers, cabbage and beets.

Wheat flour is threshed in a mill. These condiments are rich in vitamins B and B12 which help in relieving rheumatism. However, the removal of these vitamins slows down the digestion of rheumatoid arthritis patients, which puts more strain on the intestines and makes arthritis more . Wheat bran should never be removed for this purpose. It is also advisable for rheumatoid arthritis patients to abstain from food and water along with diet.

Rheumatoid arthritis patients should avoid salt or alkaline foods in the early days. Also, citrus, citrus and vitamin C rich fruits should be included in the diet. Vegetables should include cabbage, gilki, padwal, dudhi-pumpkin, all types of leafy vegetables. Protein and starchy foods should be avoided in the diet. The diet should include foods that do not put much strain on the digestive system and do not put extra strain on the intestines.

What to eat for sure not to eat?

Meat, fish, cheese, eggs, dal cakes and pastries should not be eaten at all. These should include extra potatoes, carrots, milk gourd, radish, spinach, mustard leaves and fenugreek, lemon juice in fruits, grapes, pineapple, watermelon. Digestive substances like dill, fresh curd, buttermilk, coriander-cumin, milk, almonds, cashews, black pepper should be included in the diet. Also drink wheatgrass juice, goat's milk, soup made from potato peels.

Drinking half a lemon with hot water in the morning and evening is also beneficial in rheumatism. If you have chronic arthritis or chronic arthritis, you

For this you should eat juice for 14 days and then fruit for 14 days and then start the diet regularly starting . Juice means carrot, spinach, cucumber juice. For the next 14 days, eat only fruits. Start with cereals and whole grains and gradually start regular meals. Potatoes are very beneficial in rheumatism. Eating roasted potatoes all year round is very beneficial for arthritis.


Benefits of Arthritis and Shaking

It is very important to clean the stomach of rheumatoid arthritis patients. In case of problems, diarrhea is used to clean the stomach of rheumatoid arthritis patients. The patient should be given hot water to drink and the patient should be enemaed two to three times a week. Before giving enema, heat a wet bandage and shake it on the stomach.

This leads to better healing of the intestines. It is also beneficial in intestinal diseases and clears the stomach quickly. Arthritis patients should walk in the open air. Incense baths expel toxins from the body through the skin. For this, a patient with arthritis should sit in the morning sun for at least 30 minutes. Then, at that point wash up with cold water.

Patients with arthritis should massage their aching joints with mustard oil for 20 to 25 minutes daily and then go out in the sun to warm themselves or take 

Mitigates joint agony. Hot water shakes are also beneficial in the treatment of rheumatism. Soak the sore joints with salt in hot water and soak a cotton cloth in it. Also, even if you shake it hot and cold, you can get a lot of relief in rheumatism.

If there is swelling and severe pain in the joint pain, it is useful to give a blue light to the sore spot. For old joint pain, it is beneficial to shake the light of the orange bulb.


Summary -

Today we have learned about joint pain and different types of joint pain through this article. In this article you will learn about the major causes and symptoms of joint pain. Arthritis is a disease caused by our poor diet.

Substances that increase flatulence adversely affect the metabolic process of the intestines, leading to indigestion and flatulence. This wind has an adverse effect on our joints. Causing it to occur in the joints of your bones

The speed of movement gradually slows down. Rheumatic pain causes many people to stop moving their joints. However, this can cause severe pain in the joints and the joints of the limbs can bend, and in some cases, even partial or complete disability and bending can occur.

There are many Ayurvedic, home and medicine treatments for joint pain. It is also beneficial to massage the joints regularly, exercise, take care not to cause constipation to keep the stomach clean regularly, include more fiber in the diet, take a steam bath or take a steam bath, naturopathy, eating fruit, skipping, infrared light . Leads.


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