Antibody - Corona Virus

Antibody : Antibodies play an important role in fighting the corona virus. Learn how these same antibodies protect your body from the corona, the benefits

Researchers around the world have been working hard to develop a vaccine to fight the corona. But so far no country has achieved this. But if we follow the rules set by these researchers, we can protect ourselves from the corona. According to those researchers, there are many other ways to prevent the virus. The significance of antibodies is more.

You can stop the virus from spreading through the body with antibodies. So how about we discover today. Antibodies and how it helps to fight corona.

What is Antibody Meaning

With the help of antibodies can eliminate the effect of the virus. Antibodies work for the body's immune system. When a person comes in contact with any virus, the body begins to produce antibodies in the blood and tissues. These antibodies are the proteins that prevent the virus from spreading in the body. These same antibodies play a vital role in fighting corona. However, it is often too late for the body to produce antibodies after infection.

It can take up to a week for antibodies to form. That's why people are getting antibody tests to prevent corona virus. Tests tell you if the body can make antibodies. If there are antibodies in the body, then there is a society where we are exposed to the corona virus.

How antibodies fight corona virus.

If a person comes in contact with Kovid-19, his body produces antibodies, which fight the virus. It can often take time to become that. There are many patients who do not make antibodies even a month after recovering from coronary heart disease. Patients who recover from coronary artery disease after a long period of time are said to have poor plasma quality. Plasma consumption of such patients is then reduced.

In patients with good immunity, antibodies are produced in a short period of time, within two weeks, and then last for years. Such patients can easily donate plasma. Once the antibodies are ready, there is no risk if their plasma is donated. Patients need a lot of plasma in the days of corona. So healed patients can donate plasma and still be healthy. According to medical experts, antibodies protect the body, but it is not yet clear how long they will provide protection.

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