Breast Cancer - Causes Symptons Treatment

Breast cancer : October is celebrated all over the world as Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The aim is to create awareness among more and more women about the disease.

Chest illness is the most generally perceived threat among women. In the past, cervical cancer was more common in our country, but now it has been replaced by breast cancer.

Causes of Breast Cancer -

It is difficult to know the 100% cause of any cancer but the following women have a higher incidence of disease -

  • Women without children
  • Whose menstruation starts early and ends late
  • Women taking hormone supplements
  • Women who have not breastfed their babies
  • Women whose mother or mother's relatives had disease

Symptoms of Breast Cancer -

  • Absence of painless dark breasts.
  • Bleeding in the nipple.
  • Armpit lump.
  • Breast injury
  • Changes on the skin of the breast.

Consult a doctor immediately if you have any one or more of the above symptoms as these may be symptoms of disease.

Breast Cancer Treatment-

Self Breast Examination -

This is the most important test a woman can do on her own. Cancer can be detected early if a woman has her breasts checked once a month.

Mammography -

With this test, we can diagnose cancer at an early stage, even when the breasts do not look dark. For this, women above 40 years of age need to undergo mammography once a year.

Biopsy / FNAC -

These tests are used to remove tumor cells and make sure the tumor is cancerous. This is a litmus test for malignancy.

CT Scan / Abdominal Scan -

These modern tests give an idea of ​​how far the cancer has spread in the body and the doctor can treat the disease properly.

Treatment -

Like any cancer, breast cancer is treated in 3 areas.

Operation -

The option is to remove the thickening of the breast. The need for complete breast removal is no longer present in all women as before, doctors can completely cure a woman from disease even by saving the breast, just as the size of the breast can be maintained as before through modern plastic surgery.

Radiation treatment -

Radiation is given primarily to prevent recurrence of breast cancer, making breast surgery easier.

Chemotherapy -

Chemotherapy is given primarily to control the spread of cancer. The importance of chemo in breast cancer is unique and millions of women's lives have been saved by proper treatment of chemo. With increasing modernization, the incidence of disease is increasing all over the world as well as in our country. With proper treatment, more and more women can get rid of cancer. All that is needed is for the patient to come to the doctor at the right time. The housewife is the backbone of the entire household, so she needs to focus on herself as much as possible, otherwise the family's dollar may collapse. Breast Cancer Awareness Month is expected to be the same for women.

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