Colorectal Cancer - Causes

Colorectal Cancer : We have all heard about lung, breast, uterine and leukemia. Colorectal cancer is also a type of cancer. It is also called colon cancer. There is not enough awareness among the people about this cancer. Like other cancers, it can be very life threatening. However, early detection of this cancer can lead to treatment.

Overgrowth of rectal and colon cells causes cancer. Smoking, intestinal inflammation and obesity increase the risk of cancer. In addition, family history, eating too much red meat, and low-fiber intake may increase the risk. Symptoms of this cancer include constipation, intestinal bleeding, rectal bleeding, abdominal pain, frequent flatulence, black or dark stools, and weakness. If you experience these symptoms, do not panic and seek expert advice immediately. Early treatment can cure cancer.

Causes of colorectal cancer

Obesity and increased weight

Obesity is a disease that invites many ailments. Currently most of the people in India are suffering from various diseases caused by obesity. Obesity is the leading cause of colorectal cancer. Obesity is also on the rise in men and women. However, men over the age of 50 are more likely to develop colorectal cancer. This risk of cancer can be prevented by controlling body weight gain.

Lack of exercise

It is a mistake to think that you cannot exercise because you are too busy. Not doing physical activity can increase the risk of colorectal cancer. Exercise at least a little every day. Exercises like cycling, swimming, walking, jogging, yoga, aerobics should be done for this. Meditating regularly will help you to stay away from stress

Eat a nutritious diet

No illness occurs when health is good. The body needs a healthy diet to maintain good health. For this, include fresh fruits, vegetables, legumes, pulses and whole grains in your daily diet. Avoid red meat, processed foods, extra sweets, carbonated drinks and junk food.

Avoid smoking

People easily ignore the no-smoking warning signs. Smoking causes not only lung cancer but also colorectal cancer. Smoking damages DNA by entering a person's body with chemicals. It also injures the large intestine and causes colorectal cancer. Alcohol consumption, such as smoking, also increases the risk of colorectal cancer. Therefore, it is important to control alcohol consumption.


Young people can get colorectal cancer; But this cancer appears in most older congregations. People over the age of 50 have a higher risk of colorectal cancer.

Family history

If a family member, a blood relative, has colon cancer, the cancer can spread to other people. Individuals who have had ulcerative colitis for more than 10 years should have their colon examined by a doctor or binoculars once a year. In addition, the necessary precautions should be taken.

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