Dementia - Alzheimer disease

Dementia disease : Dementia in old age that weakens a person. This patient's ability to think clearly disappears. He loses his identity, lacks causality and is unable to pay attention to himself. Alloys discovered the disease in 1907. This dementia, which is caused by stealth, increases with age.

Dementia disease mainly affects brain function. At first the patient does not remember the recent events. This is followed by a confused attitude and forgetfulness. The patient keeps asking the same question, forgetting the usual way. Statistics goes. Slowly the past loses. That person has different emotions. Suddenly such a person becomes aggressive. The ability to read, write, speak and walk decreases. They don't even understand the natural laws. So it runs wild. Eventually the muscle spasm slows down all movement and the patient stays in bed. Immunity also gradually weakens. Most often the patient dies of pneumonia.

An autopsy of an Dementia patient reveals the following: Abnormal proteins are found outside the neurons, and fibers of these proteins are also found in the neurons. It contains a protein called A-68 / Tau. Nerve damage is found in the hippocampus and the outer part of the brain. Many extracellular proteins are depleted, as is acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter. Along with the degeneration of neurons, amyloidosis is seen around the axons coming out of the neurons. In this process, a layer of beta-amyloid protein is found on the blood vessels of the brain and around the axons. These amyloid proteins are not found in normal aging.

Dementia illness is hard to analyze early. It is neglected to understand the forgetfulness that occurs with age. Staggering while at the same time strolling. Muscle stiffness interferes with other movements. The disease is more likely to be caused by old age and heredity. MRI - Magnetic Resonance Imaging and c. T. Scanning (computerized tomography) shows the degeneration of the cerebral cortex. P.E.T. (Positron emission tomography) The test shows degeneration on both sides of the brain.

There is no powerful treatment for this sickness. The patient's family needs to be informed of the disease. Such patients need to be taken care of properly. This work is hard and patient. Currently, tacrin is the only drug for the disease. It can affect the patient if given early. In addition, vitamin pills are given as a supplement.

Currently, the number of senior citizens is increasing due to the increase in the average life expectancy of people around the world. Generally over 85 years of age. 50% of the elderly are diagnosed with Dementia. Efforts are being made by various government and charitable organizations to help such patients and their families.

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