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Dermatitis : In a country like India, there are many skin related complaints. Scabies, nausea, ringworm are some of the skin disorders that are very annoying to the body. But with a little care and proper medication, it helps to cure skin diseases. If you don't know anything about Dermatitis, today we will learn about similar skin diseases. By reading this important information, you will be able to make the right decision on skin related problems. Learn about the types of skin diseases and the most important information regarding home remedies for Dermatitis

Dermatitis Types And Dermatitis Home Remedies 

There are different types of Dermatitis. Their symptoms and their discomfort are equally different. Therefore, it is important to know about these simple and effective home remedies. Let's find out now

Cold Sore

Everyone suffers from cold sores. But if you have this problem all year round, you need to be careful. Because if your skin is cracked, your skin is more likely to have some internal problems.  When the skin ruptures and there are sores. The skin starts to strip. If you want to get rid of this problem of skin breakage in time, then it is very important that you take care of your skin at the right time. You can take care of your skin with very simple remedies.

Home Remedies:

If the skin is constantly burning due to cracking, you can apply petroleum jelly to it. This is because petroleum jelly works to repair the skin by cooling it.

Coconut or almond is also very good for the skin. It also gives you some relief


There is no one on earth who does not have pimples. Everyone endures pimples. But if the pimples are constantly coming and they do not take the name of going through the skin, it can be a serious problem. Because pimples do not just appear on the face. So it can come on your whole body. Ignoring pimples can lead to pus accumulation. Such pimples break out, causing pits on the skin and thus spoiling the beauty. The onset of acne usually starts at the age of 15 or the hormones in the body start to change. If you have oily skin, this problem becomes more feverish. Pimples need to be treated both internally and externally.

Home remedies

Wash your face twice a day and apply tea tree oil or essential oil on your skin. This will help to get rid of the dirt stuck in the hole and get the pores to get the necessary components.

Turmeric is a clear. Its use will also help in reducing pimples.

Applying a mask of multani soil, gram flour reduces excess oil on the skin and reduces pimples.


Many people want their cheeks to look reddish. After seeing the red cheeks of Kashmir or hill girls, you think you should have the same cheeks. But you know what? Redness of the skin is also a skin disease. This redness on the face can be due to many reasons. Prolonged exposure to sunlight or a condition called rosacea can also cause redness of the skin. In this condition, the blood vessels in the skin become thin. This is why the redness of the blood is easily visible on the skin. It should be dealt with appropriately. That didn't occur. The skin becomes redder day by day. It also takes a long time to improve this condition of the skin.

Home remedies

Applying cucumber juice on redness gives relief. The nutrients in cucumber juice reduce the irritation caused by redness on the skin.

Undress an squash, rub it and touch the juice. These anti-inflammatory ingredients help reduce redness on your skin.

Green tea is also very beneficial in reducing redness. Take green tea and boil it well in water. When the water cools down, dip a cloth in it and apply it on the redness.


Cellulitis is a serious skin disease. The disease affects the skin of the feet. If the problem gets worse, it can affect the face and hands as well. Cellulitis is a contagious disease that is more likely to spread throughout the body. In this, the skin with cellulite appears reddish, swollen. Cellulitis can be caused by a skin injury, an animal bite, an ulcer, or an injury. Ignoring this disease does not work at all. Because you can get fever in it. Which can bring down your insusceptibility.

Home remedies

Applying an ointment or cream on cellulite reduces inflammation. But this cannot be a surefire solution. So it will only help to reduce the inflammation.

Taking some oral medication on the advice of a doctor will help control this problem.


Measles is a serious skin disease found in young children. It is not just a skin disease, it is caused by a different cause and includes fever. But measles can be noticed after getting acne on your skin. Measles has killed many babies so far. A suitable vaccine for measles is available and is given to young children before their first birthday. This includes immunization of young children. Herpes is another problem similar to measles. You need to think about herpes.

Home remedies

Fever is the most annoying of these. So you need to control the fever. As the fever subsides, your body becomes more active in the fight against measles.

Thin and cotton cloth should be used during this period to avoid acne on the skin. It does not cause inflammation but provides relief.

If there are blisters near the eyes, eye hygiene is also very important.


Lupus is a skin disease that is more likely to affect other organs as well. These autoimmune diseases can also damage organs like brain, heart, kidneys, lungs. When lupus starts, various symptoms appear on the skin. Expanding under the eyes. Some parts of the skin appear red. The fingers and toes appear pale and purple. ‘Butterfly rashes’ appear on the face.

Home remedies

There are no effective home remedies for lupus. You need to seek the help of a doctor to cure this disease.

Increase your immunity to reduce the risk of lupus. Keep a good nutritious diet to boost your immunity.


White cod is a skin disease caused by pigmentation of the skin. When this formation stops, white scars begin to appear on the skin. These scars initially appear in different places. Whenever left unmanaged, they can be left adrift and lose the correct way. Although the cod may look terrible, it does not cause much discomfort.

Home remedies

This implantation is done to cover the code on the skin. A drug called sorrelin is applied to the coded area.

Although sunlight may seem harmful to it, the skin can be undone by standing in the sun or by exposing it to artificial ultraviolet light.


Another disease caused by poor hygiene is that there are different types of nitta. Naita is a contagious disease. The infirmity is born about by a epiphyte. Inadequate hygiene, wet clothes, wearing each other's clothes are all likely to make the disease worse. Scabies, nausea, ringworm are of the same type and the problem is more felt towards the genitals. It causes constant itching, skin inflammation, itching, and dry skin.

Home remedies

A clean bath is a great treatment for this. Rinse clean limbs with hot water.

Apply an ointment or cooling ointment to reduce skin inflammation.


The more pigmentation on the skin, the different the skin looks. The skin looks darker and older. Wang's problem can affect women at any age. This problem mainly affects the face. This is why the skin looks different. The orpiment cells in your skin give you shade. They are asked melanocytes.  When melanocytes are affected, some parts of the skin produce too much melanin. This makes some parts of the skin look darker than others

Home remedies

Combine lemon juice, honey and water and apply it on the wang. This will help to get rid of wang stains.

Aloe vera has a characteristic pH. helps  easing the surface. Don't forget to apply aloe vera gel on your face to reduce the discomfort of wang


Although this skin condition does not seem to be very annoying, warts can interfere with your . It is said that if your skin is exposed to a wound, then you are more likely to get a wart due to a specific bacterial infection. The mole can part from one spot to another. This are many characters of moles. A wart can occur on any part of the skin. Warts can occur anywhere on the hands, palms of the hands, soles of the feet. A wart can look like a mole. But then it grows. Sometimes it looks chocolatey and sometimes it looks red. You need to take proper care of the wart before it grows.

Home remedies

Garlic juice is very beneficial on warts. Take this juice and apply it on the wart. Cover the distance late with a cloth. Over time, that is likely to change.

You can also reduce the wart by applying onion juice on the wart. Its use will definitely make a difference to you.

Applying papaya paste on the skin also helps in reducing the problem of wang.

Apple cider vinegar can also be used on warts. It also helps to get rid of warts.


They is another skin disease. The disease is not caused by a genetic or any bacterial infection. Some of the symptoms of psoriasis are psoriasis with white patches on the skin. If there is an injury to the skin and it is ignored, it is likely to grow. It is not known exactly how psoriasis begins. No one knows yet. This skin lesion starts to grow suddenly. These scars start to grow a lot. The skin peels off as the skin peels off. The first sign of dead skin is psoriasis.

Home Remedies:

Applying aloe vera and poppy seeds on the affected area gives some relief. There was a slight relief from the itch

Mahavajrak oil is an ayurvedic oil that works on the wound.

Consumption of turmeric pill i.e. kunkarma and honey oil also makes a big difference.


Eczema is a skin disease that causes severe itching of the skin. The itching is so unbearable that constant itching of the skin can cause severe skin lesions. These lesions become so deep that the skin becomes fragile and sometimes bleeds. Eczema is a skin problem caused by a number of factors. Uncleanliness is the character 1 opinion. This type of skin disease can cause redness, itching and dry patches on the skin. If you have this problem, stay home and take care of it. It is equally important to know the full details of ESB.

Home Remedies:

Take aloe vera gel and apply it on the affected area. You will get a little cool.

Coconut oil is also very medicinal. Apply coconut oil on the eczema area and if it is injured, it will give you relief.

A nutritious and nutritious diet also works well on eczema.

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