Hair Loss - Causes

Hair Loss : Everyone wants their hair to be beautiful, soft, strong, black and thick. But due to daily rush, stress, etc., it is not possible for you to take proper care of your hair. This has a detrimental effect on the health of the hair. Dry hair, dandruff, itchy hair, etc. Meanwhile, women as well as men face the problem of hair loss. Going uncovered is a normal issue.

Hair loss and hair loss can be caused by a variety of factors. Many people also do expensive treatments for hair. But it is more of a hair loss than a benefit. Hair issues are on the ascent. You need to be alert if your hair is falling out even after taking care of your hair. Once you know the reason behind this, you can treat it properly. Let's find out the details of the reasons behind hair loss

Causes of hair loss

Hot water

If you use hot water to wash your hair, quit this habit on time. Hot water is harmful for hair. Hot water dries out the scalp and affects the pores. It also damages the hair follicles. The result is the onset of hair loss. If you ignore hair loss, new hair will not come.

Hormone changes

Hormonal changes can also cause hair loss. This is the most serious cause of hair loss in women. Hormonal changes affect the pores of the hair. It does not cause hair growth and does not cause new hair. Hair loss in women increases during pregnancy or due to hormonal changes. A major illness can also cause this problem.


Hair loss is caused by physical as well as mental stress. If you are depressed, anxious, it affects your hair. Taking the right measures at the right time to reduce stress will help maintain good hair health. Hair loss will also be reduced. This sort of balding because of stress is called telogen exhaust. Combing or washing hair in this situation causes a lot of hair loss.

Scalp infection

In addition to dandruff, hair loss also occurs when there is some kind of infection on the scalp. Dry scalp, itchy scalp, affecting the pores of the scalp can also cause serious hair problems. This has a detrimental effect on the natural oils in the hair. This problem can lead to hair loss and hair loss.

Lack of nutrition

Lack of a nutritious diet can also lead to serious hair problems. It is also a major cause of hair loss. At the same time, eating too much junk food, eating oily and spicy foods, etc. likewise influences the hair. Instead, include leafy vegetables, fruits, vegetables, etc. in the diet. This will definitely help in preventing hair loss.


Hair loss, thinning hair can also be caused by genetics. If a family member has a hair loss problem, other members of the family may also suffer.

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