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Lung cancer : God has designed the body so beautifully that all the scientists are involved in solving it and the information that is coming out is even more astonishing. The lungs purify the blood by taking in oxygen from outside and protecting such vital organs as the chest and ribs, but the human race is in a hurry to injure the lungs, sometimes in the name of development and sometimes under the pretext of being modern. If Vidhatya had wanted to make a lung and nose cigarette / VD smoke extractor, he would have made the nose design on the head like a chimney seen in a factory instead of putting it in front of the mouth, so today we will learn about .

The rate of this cancer is the highest in the world, with 13 out of every 100 cancer patients suffering from this cancer and the highest number of deaths due to cancer. In India, more than 70,000 patients are registered every year and more than 60,000 patients suffer from the disease. The incidence of this cancer is higher among Indian men than oral cancer, which is the fourth highest among women.

Reasons of lung cancer 


Before the beginning of the 20th century, the incidence of this cancer was only 5 percent. The prevalence of the disease also increased with the consumption of tobacco and similar substances. There are currently more than 70 types of tobacco plants in the world. From which weed, cigars, cigarettes and other items are made. Eight out of 10 patients with lung cancer develop smoking, cigarettes, cigars and other substances. The International Agency for Research on Cancer has identified 19 types of carcinogens in tobacco that are directly linked to cancer. As new normal cells are formed, these carcinogens become involved in the DNA and help to make the wrong cells, the cancer cells.

The Occupational / Environmental :

The Industrial Revolution led to an increase in industry, increased air pollution, and led to the disintegration of asbestos, cadmium, beryllium, chromium, nickel, radon, and therefore the fourth lung cells, by 10%.

Symptoms and diagnosis of lung cancer: - 

  • Coughing, 
  • coughing up blood in the chest, 
  • chest pain, 
  • back pain, 
  • dizziness, 
  • headache, vomiting.

Lung cancer spreads very fast and can spread to the bones, liver and brain. When the patient is first examined by a doctor, the disease is found to have reached the brain in 30% of the patients. Therefore, it is important to start treatment as soon as possible.


Blood test, chest x-ray, bronchoscopy and c. T. Scans etc. should be done. ACT examine is done to perceive how far the malignant growth has spread. Scans are very useful but are not available in many places and are very expensive. The piece should be removed and sent to a pathology lab for immunohistochemistry so that tests like EGFR, Alk, kras can be done. If the disease is thought to have spread to the brain, CT Or MRI. Should be scanned.Are there various sorts of cellular breakdown in the lungs? There are two main types of this cancer, small (SCLC) and non-small (NSCLC) cancers. About 15 percent of lung cancer patients have SCLC, a type of cancer that is very aggressive and spreads to more than 80 percent of patients. NSCLC is found in the remaining 85% of this cancer patients. There are subtypes of squamous and adenocarcinoma. How to treat lung cancer? Lung cancer is usually diagnosed at a later stage, so the incidence of complete cure is low and only 17% of patients can live up to 5 years in a developed country.  In India, the proportion is very low. Lung cancer begins in one lobe and spreads to the lungs on either side of it or to the nodes in the mediastinum. In the advanced stage it spreads to the bone, brain or liver outside the chest. Before starting treatment, treatment is done by looking at where the disease is, how far it has spread. Surgery, radiotherapy, as well as chemotherapy and targeted therapies are all used to kill lung cancer. Limited Lung Cancer: Early stage disease in all patients requires surgery to remove the main disease as well as nodes in the mediastinum. According to the pathology report, chemotherapy is given if needed. Advanced this Cancer: In non-communicable diseases, which cannot be treated surgically, the disease is reduced by chemotherapy and then radiotherapy. Chemotherapy treatments are given weekly along with radiotherapy if the patient can tolerate it. Spread this cancer: Target therapy is given in such patients with chemotherapy treatment or EGFR, Alk test if they can tolerate the treatment, predicting physical sap. If the disease is contagious, sometimes the patient's condition is very poor and only palliative treatment should be given so that the patient does not suffer. Patients, relatives and even doctors should keep in mind that cancer treatment involves treating not only the disease but also the patient with the disease. Therefore, it is important to take into account the physical and mental condition of the patient, not the patient's body will support the treatment you want to do every. If you want to get rid of all these problems, you should stop eating or smoking tobacco and tobacco products.

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