5 Step Improve Women Mental Health

Women Mental Health: Depression is considered to be a complex disease. The treatment is long. It depends on the level of depression you have.

We can stay healthy for a long time only if we have good mental health along with physical health. If you are constantly stressed, thinking about something or other, it can inadvertently have serious health effects. People still don't think much about mental illness.


Mental Causes - 

Women's mental health was widely neglected. They do it themselves, and they tell me what's going on. But depression is one of the fastest growing diseases in the world. Often the person's mentality is the cause. Depression is considered a complex disease. The treatment is long. It depends on the level of depression you have.

According to the American Psychological Association, depression affects about 10 percent of men in the United States. It has a high rate of depression due to excessive alcohol consumption. However, this type of depression is less common in women. Depression, anxiety, and worry are not just for adults, but for children as well. It is a natural rule that our mind can never be calm. Many people think more than they need to right now. The mind is constantly in turmoil. Unstoppable thoughts can be dangerous. Here are some things to keep in mind to reduce stress

Step To Improve Women Health

1) Social media

People spend a lot of time searching for statuses to put on social media. If you take the time to build your own career status, it will benefit you in the future. Don't be under the misconception that a person who feels bad about you will look better or change his behavior. Use mobile as much as you need as you often get frustrated when you see a picture on social media.

2) Learn to say no

Often thinking of the person in front of us makes us willing to do a lot of work even when we don’t want to. The person agrees to the job without thinking clearly about whether he will get angry or not. So if you are not comfortable, say no to a job.

3) Learn to recognize people

Stay with people you feel positive about after living with them. People who constantly make you feel negative. After talking to them, it seems that we have spoken spontaneously. Stay away from such people. If some people are treating you well just for the sake of it, identify them in time and throw them out of your life.

4) Do only one thing at a time

Many have a habit of working too much at once. This is called multitasking. Apart from this, thoughts also start in the head. But not everyone agrees with this, so our nature becomes irritable. The brain gets tired. So try to do one thing at a time, realizing your potential.

5) Writing

If there is something in your mind but you can't tell it to anyone. Try to clear your mind by writing like this. Write down what you think. At this point, just put grammar, language, syntax aside and just write. This will help you to relax. In addition, exercising daily will make you feel fresh, increase your self-confidence, meditate will help keep your mind calm, avoid overuse of mobile phones, talk to your favorite friends, share your thoughts with them.

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