Pregnancy Diet - Plan

Pregnancy Diet : The experience of becoming a mother is different ... Pregnant mothers should pay special attention to their diet during pregnancy ... They should not forget that their fetuses get nutrition from what they eat. That is why they need to take special care of their diet and take nutritious food during pregnancy.

This should be a nutritious diet ...


A protein-rich diet is essential for the development of the fetus and placenta during pregnancy. These proteins help the body to relieve fatigue. How much protein a woman needs depends on her weight. Sea food, lean meats, pulses, eggs, milk, beans, peanuts are the main sources of protein. 90% of pregnant Indian women are deficient in protein ... For this, seek expert advice at the right time.


Iron in the body helps to protect the body from anemia and infections. Are important for the development of the child and his brain. An additional 760 mg of iron is required during a full pregnancy. Foods such as lean meats, skinless chicken, fish, boiled eggs, pulses, greens, nuts, and wheat are high in iron. To make up for the lack of iron in the body, it is beneficial to consume fruits rich in vitamin C immediately before or after a meal. Iron-rich foods should be avoided one hour after tea or one hour before.


Children's bones do not develop if the mother's blood is deficient in calcium. The development of children's heart, nerves and muscles is determined by calcium. If the mother is not consuming the right amount of calcium, then the bones of the child also remain weak. It is important to take 200 mg of calcium daily during pregnancy.

Skimmed milk, cheese, curd, bone marrow (sardines, tofu), bread, chapati, almonds, oranges, dried fruits, green leafy vegetables are good sources of calcium. Calcium is the primary food. Getting the right amount of vitamin D helps maintain a balanced calcium level in the body.

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