Gutka - Disadvantages

Gutka - Disadvantages, Disadvantages of Gutkha, Disadvantages of eating Gutka, Disadvantages of eating Pan Masala, What is the harm of eating Gutkha, which disease is caused by eating gutkha.

Disadvantages of Gutka, Disadvantages of eating Gutka, Disadvantages of eating Pan Masala, What is the harm of eating Gutka, which disease is caused by eating Gutka.
Gutka - Disadvantages

What is gutkha or gutka,

Tobacco is deadly and its consumption in any form harms the body. One such form of tobacco is gutkha and pan masala, which are made by mixing catechu and betel nut. Tobacco has been used in some form or the other in every region of the world for thousands of years. Chewing tobacco is used alone or in combination with other ingredients. Tobacco is consumed in many forms in India like gutkha, pan masala, paan (beetle quid), dry leaves (patti), paste (kiwan, zarda), tobacco with lime (khaini) etc.

Tobacco is very popular and its production is mainly manufactured in India and exported to some other countries like Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal etc. Tobacco use in any form is mildly stimulating and addictive. However, advertising of all tobacco products, including gutkha, is banned in India. Companies are selling them under the same brand name under the name Pan Masala. These products are another alternative to gutkha.

Disadvantages of eating gutkha pan masala, disadvantages of gutka

Gutka contains carcinogenic substances, which are believed to be responsible for causing oral cancer and serious negative health effects and hence in our country it is mandatory to have the same ban and warning as cigarettes. Today we are sharing with you the information about the harm of gutkha –

1- It is harmful for the teeth 

– The biggest disadvantage of eating gutkha pan masala is it makes the teeth very weak and messy. Due to which the roots of the teeth become weak and the teeth start breaking early. Along with this, your teeth become completely yellow and black. So that the color of your teeth changes forever. Even if you wake up in the morning and brush it. But your teeth are never as white as before.

2 – Not opening the mouth fully – 

Gutkha pan masala increases the risk of oral submucous fibrosis (SMF, which is why a person is unable to open their mouth fully), in which there is an irregular growth of collagen fibers in any particular area of ​​the mouth, this cancer It is a predominant disease.

3 – Swelling in the gums –

 Excess intake of gutkha pan masala causes a lot of damage to the gums and your gums swell and pus starts filling in it. Due to which there is bad smell from the mouth, due to swelling in the gums, there is trouble in drinking water or eating food etc.

4 – Mouth stains – 

Consumption of gutkha causes white spots in the mouth (leukoplakia), red spots in the mouth (erythroplakia), sores and lumps on the soft tissues of the mouth, which can turn into oral cancer, usually in them There is no pain. Oral cancer accounts for 40% of the total cancer in our country.

5- Mouth cancer- 

Gutkha is the biggest cause of mouth cancer, when you chew gutkha, very dangerous white spots start to form inside your tongue, jaw and mouth and then slowly in your mouth, mouth cancer starts. Cells start to grow. If you eat more gutkha, then you will be surprised to know that due to this the opening of your mouth gradually decreases. Because by consuming it, lumps start forming in your jaws.

6- Danger to DNA – 

Gutkha causes damage to DNA, eating gutkha not only harms your health and has a bad effect on the mouth. Rather, along with this, your DNA is also greatly affected which can prove to be very dangerous.

7 – Lung cancer – 

The effect of consuming gutkha gradually reaches the lungs. Due to which the risk of getting cancer in the lungs increases. If the side-effects of gutkha spread to your lungs, then you also have difficulty in breathing and the problem of chest pain arises.

8- Heart disease from tobacco – 

Chewing gutkha causes high blood pressure. Along with this, the risk of many heart-related diseases increases, people who are patients of high blood pressure. They should not eat gutka even after forgetting it. Because this will never reduce their high blood pressure and will become more.

9 – Trouble in sleeping – 

The chemicals present in Gutka slowly start completely destroying the sleep chemicals in the brain and there comes a time that when you sleep at night, you cannot sleep and you cannot sleep without Gutkha. Even if you are not able to live and you are not able to get enough sleep, then many types of diseases start happening inside you.

10 - Bad effect on pregnant women - 

If a woman consumes gutkha and wants to become pregnant, then she should know that due to eating tobacco, she has a very bad effect on her as well as the child. Sometimes such a situation comes that they have to even get an abortion.

11 - Bad effect on hormones -

 Hormones are also affected by gutkha, whether a woman or a man, the hormones of people who eat gutka are affected. This has a bad effect on their fertility. Many men become impotent and many women become a victim of infertility due to excessive consumption of it.

12 - Weaken the immune system - 

By consuming gutkha, immunity also works, spitting after eating gutkha spreads the infection and by eating tobacco, a person soon falls prey to it. Gutkha-cigarettes cause asthma, diabetes, cancer and kidney diseases. The number of patients suffering from these diseases getting infected with corona is increasing. Corona also increases the intensity of these diseases. The immunity of those who consume them also decreases.

Disadvantages of Gutka, Disadvantages of eating Gutkha, Disadvantages of eating Pan Masala, What is the harm of eating Gutkha, Which disease is caused by eating Gutka,

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