Milky Black Mushroom Disease

Milky black mushrooms have been collected in the forest since the time of Kiwan juice. At the same time, the strangeness of the growth earned them a name. The photo and description of the black mushroom looks like it grows in a bunch. The mushroom is valuable for its taste and ease of collection. If a glade is found, the entire basket can be filled on it.

What a milky black mushroom

It grows straight and in small groups. Its appearance is well illustrated by a photograph of a black mushroom. His identity:

The regular diameter range of the cap is 7 to 15, often less than 20 cm. It is dark olive or dark yellow. Unevenly painted. In the center of the funnel they always show two shades. Concentric color transition circles may be visible. At high humidity they were thin and sticky, smooth.

Feet. The height is from to cm cm, and the thickness is 1.5-3 cm. Tapped down for a while. A uniform white color with age, a cavity appears inside.

Plates. The inside of the cap is covered with thin white fork-type plates. They sit snugly against the leg.

The pulp quickly turns gray enough on the cut. Fresh white, dense, but easily crushed. In old mushrooms it can be eaten by insects. It has a white juice with a spicy taste.

Varieties of milky black mushroom

There is a very tasty mushroom with a real white cap. The edges of the hat may have a yellowish tinge or a reddish tinge to the edges. It grows near deciduous and forest lindens.

Pen Spain is an edible oil clump that settles close to appendages and poplars. He has a white hat and legs and the plates are pink. Very rare.

Yellow is delicious, it’s twice as much as an actual lump. They are characterized by small dots on the caps and a bright golden color. Conifers and fir trees are chosen for growth.

Oak is an edible oil mushroom with a yellow cap on a white straight stem. They grow in hazel and oak forest trees.

Dry or podgrizdok white - fragrant messenger with white-cream cap and brown spots. Found in mixed forests, birch and oak pastures.

Mushrooms that look like milky black mushroom

The Millennium family includes many varieties of mushrooms, they are all different in color, so it is very difficult to confuse them with each other. It is as black as it is. But it's not dark. It is important to separate black milk mushrooms from lactarius or double or false mushrooms so as not to accumulate excess and endanger health.

The following similar mushrooms can be found in the forest:

Pepper - 

looks like a lump and grows in the same forest, but has a white cap. White juice has a clear pepper flavor. It is eaten only in salty form and after prolonged soaking. Dried they are used as a spice.

Camphor - 

Moss grows in conifers up to 5-6 cm with a small reddish brown cap. The stem and plates are pink. If you break it, you will smell sweet clover or camphor.

Violinists - 

Birch Groves and Oak Groves selected. A cap of 25 cm diameter, white. The legs are short, almost completely hidden in the ground. The cap is identified by the fuer. Can be eaten after prolonged soaking.

Miller Golden - 

Is a yellowish-red cap, found in mixed and coniferous forests. The pulp is creamy. It is consumed as a pickle or only after soaking in marinade.

How to distinguish milky black mushrooms from other 

Mushroom pickers noticed that poisonous mushrooms eventually mimic their food. Poisoning is frequent, so it is very important to identify a poisonous mushroom. Most of the time, mushroom pickers try to differentiate between a black lump or a pig, a false brother.

There are three ways to identify edible mushrooms:

  • They just grow straight.
  • The plates are evenly attached to the leg.
  • The plates are only light in color.
  • The hardest thing is to separate it from its toxic parts. Dangerous mushrooms look like this:

Pigs that are known to be dangerous due to their tendency to accumulate large amounts of toxic substances often grow near mycelium in mushrooms. It is distinguished by a large cap diameter of up to 20 cm in size it is flattened and convex with curved edges. The color is predominantly yellowish brown with a rare deviation of the olive tone. The legs are slightly narrowed and moved sideways, up to 9 cm in length. The body is brown in color. The plates run down the legs and turn brown when touched.

A fake black lump in the photo will help you see the difference. The cap is up to 12 cm in diameter, it is fleshy and dense, it may have a small tubercle. As the mushroom grew, his cap was exposed. The color is reddish or dirty pink. The plates are beige with shades of pink or orange. As the foot grows, it becomes hollow. The reddish pulp is yellow.

Where milky black mushroom grow

Mycelium coexists with the roots of birch and other tall plants. They prefer to grow in birch groves, spruce forests and mixed forests. Finding black milk mushrooms from forest photos is not easy. They settle in large groups on beds of grass or moss. They are found in the clearing, near the old road, in the mountain slopes. Choose well-lit places.

They blend well with the environment. They can be covered from above by leaves, earth and grass below.

Attention! You can find the odor clearing. This mushroom is characterized by a mixture of fruit, horseradish and black pepper aroma.

Milky Black mushroom harvesting season

The first mushrooms are selected in July. And the last - in mid-October when the first frost. They grow the most from August to September.

Collect black lumps after light rain. At other times, older larvae can be found in mushrooms. After heavy rains, it is also not recommended to collect them, as they are less tasty. They were placed in a basket and carefully cut so as not to damage the mycelium. Don't kill sheep because they are fragile and fragile.

Edible oil black lump or not

Research by scientists has concluded that the composition contains non-katorin - a toxic mutation. Its concentration in raw product is 20 mg / kg. Heat treatment destroys substances by 75%. For this reason, there is a question: is black lump edible? Some sources claim that it should not be eaten.

No signs of poisoning were seen. It is believed that non-katorin accumulates in the body and lasts a long time. However, there are studies that do not confirm the mutation of noncaterin and do not identify this substance as harmful.

Milky Black mushroom : advantages and disadvantages

Regular consumption of mushrooms is good for the body. According to observations and studies, the beneficial properties of black mushrooms are as follows:

  • Anti-inflammatory effect. It is in saline production as a result of the fermentation process. In the treatment of purulent inflammation, it is eaten 3 times a week.
  • Treatment and prevention of liver disease, including kidney stones.

  • A source of nutrients to cure illness.
  • When tired, it quickly replenishes the body's energy reserves.
  • High levels of vitamin B have a calming effect on the nervous system. It is eaten as a medicine for mood swings, to prevent depression, anxiety disorders.
  • Improved skin and hair condition with Vitamin D.
  • The advantage of black milk mushrooms is that they are a source of protein, higher in dried products than in meat.
  • Calcium content is similar to prunes and raisins.
  • This prevents the spread of tuberculous bacillus.
  • Sisolosin is used for alcoholism, memory loss.
  • Salt milk mushroom stimulates the cleansing of blood vessels, has anti-sclerotic effect.
  • Diabetes insulin deficiency prevents blood sugar and urine from being found and helps fight overweight.

The damage caused by milky black mushrooms is in poisoning. This can be caused by:

  • Use Nigella extensively.
  • Errors in cooking, eating microorganisms in culture.
  • Stomach ailments. Since mushrooms are a heavy food, they should not be a burden on the sick stomach and intestines.
  • Collecting mushrooms in environmentally dirty places. Lumps, like sponges, absorb and accumulate radioactive elements, heavy metals and other chemical compounds. Mushrooms harvested in the dry season are especially dangerous.

People with allergies should use this dish carefully.

Is it possible to eat milky black mushroom ?

Nigella is classified as a conditional food due to the presence of caustic juice coming out of the pulp after soaking for a long time. The advantages of black mushrooms are due to their composition. It is rich in carbohydrates, proteins, fiber, vitamins C, D, PP, B1 and B2, potassium, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium and sodium.

Which milky mushroom are tasty: black or white

White lumps differ from black in the color of the cap. This mushroom is first class - edible oil. They differ in taste:

  • White is sharper and more sharp and black;
  • When salt is added, more juice of black color is given and white color is added to the sea;
  • Black needs more spices;
  • White is clean and more difficult to cook.

You need to try to decide which mushroom tastes better. Those who know how to cook milk mushrooms properly eat both.

How to handle milky black mushroom

Although milk mushrooms are very tasty, they need to be carefully processed and prepared before eating. If you skip the initial remedy, eating mushrooms will not taste good.

How to clean milky black mushroom

Due to the fragility they clean carefully. Freshly selected black milk mushrooms are washed under water and the grass, earth, sand from the caps are thoroughly washed. This inclusion will destroy any dish. A large mushroom can be cut into several pieces. They sort of mushrooms for rot and worms. Such a product is discarded.

How to soak mushrooms in black milk

They send mushrooms in black milk to milkmen. It contains a bitter and unpleasant juice. You can soak and remove from the mushrooms. Ideally, it should be soaked for 3 days before cooking. The harvested crop is washed under running water and then released into cold water. 3 times a day, changed regularly. Thus harmful substances are removed quickly. After processing, water is allowed to drain and the mushrooms are dried. Before frying, the soaking time can be reduced to 2 days.

Attention! Even after soaking, the bitterness will not leave the black milk completely. For this, it is necessary to add salt for another month and a half or heat treatment speeds up the process.

How to cook milky black mushroom

Boil the product before frying. Usually only hats are used in the recipe. After washing and soaking, it is enough to cook the black lid for 5 minutes after boiling, changing the water twice. Once the water has drained and the mushrooms have cooled, black milk can be eaten or cooked in any other way.

What to cook from milky black  mushroom

The taste of mushrooms is high. In addition, recipes offer many recipes, but pickles are the main one. You can eat black milk mushrooms without fear of heat treatment poisoning.

In addition to the marinade, they are suitable for making hot or cold pickles, canning and other courses, just like all lamellar mushrooms. Freshly picked milk mushrooms are fried and eaten immediately. You can cook the soup. Lack of appearance in the long soaking process, which stretches the cooking process for at least 2 days.


The photos and descriptions of the black milk mushroom show that it is a delicious mushroom, perfect for marinades and salting. It always grows together, but it hides well. It is enough to find a clearing to fill the basket completely. The dark color of the cap makes it difficult to confuse it with other mushrooms and milk mushrooms. Forced soaking is required to get rid of the bitterness.

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