Papaya Leaves Dengue Benefits

Papaya Leaves : At the point when it downpours, everything changes. A garva is formed by going to the lahi of the sun. Nature is green.  But along with this changing beautiful environment, rain also brings many ailments. Dengue is one of the most deadly and deadly diseases. The fact is that this dengue kills millions of people every year. The fact is that we take diseases like corona very seriously, but not as seriously when fighting dengue. The administration takes all measures in its own way but it is up to us to prevent this disease. This is because mosquitoes are born near your home and can endanger your life. It is still raining and so we have brought this special article for you. In which we are going to tell you how you can protect yourself from dengue.

Why is dengue fatal?

Dengue is just one form of fever. But if the fever goes out of hand, the death of the patient is certain. This is because in this disease, the platelets in the body of the patient start declining very fast. You know how important platelets are for the body. Therefore, when these platelets start depleting, the patient's immune system is weakened and the immune system is weakened. Finaly patient dies.

Platelets means?

About platelets we are taught science in school, but for those who don't know, this is a revision!  These cells play a vital role in maintaining our body's immune system. In addition, if the bloodstream in the body becomes contaminated or clots form, they also work to prevent platelets. In dengue, blood is lost from the body. Sometimes blood flows through the nose, sometimes blood comes out from the gums and sometimes blood also comes out while urinating and defecating. It is very important to have platelets in the body to stop the blood.

Is papaya leaves beneficial on this?

Papaya leaves are plentiful in nutrient C and cell reinforcements. As you may know, Vitamin C is very important for boosting your body's immune system. So antioxidants work to kill viruses and germs. So papaya leaves can be very elixir on dengue. Many experts and pundits know the importance of papaya leaves and recommend this remedy.

How to utilize papaya leaves?

As a treatment for dengue, papaya leaf juice has to be prepared. It can taste somewhat unpleasant. You can mix some honey or other fruit juice in it to improve the taste. To make papaya leaf juice, take fresh and clean papaya leaves. Wash and chop the leaves once again and grind in a mixer to make the juice. Then take it in a small glass and mix 2-3 teaspoons of honey in it.

How much should patients take this juice?

Papaya juice has been shown to be very effective in dengue patients through several studies. So a dengue patient should drink the juice of Awarjun Papaya leaves and you may be wondering if there is any specific amount of juice to drink. So the church has not stated any specific standard. But according to experts, papaya leaf juice should be given to the patient at least three times a day. This will give his body strength and increase the number of platelets without decreasing and save the life of the patient.

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