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Lump In Breast : If a lump is found in the breast, there is a suspicion of cancer. It's okay to doubt that, but cancer doesn't mean death in reality. Not all cancers cause death. Some are slow cancers. They have been in our body for years. Some cancers can be cured. Early diagnosis and proper treatment are a must. Breast cancer is one such condition. ‘Early checks, early treatments; She has cancer in the age group of health benefits. We think that the breast organ is only present in women, but men are also ‘breast-breasted’ animals and their scratched breasts also rarely get cancer.

If there is a mutation in the genes BRCA 1 and BRCA 2, the chances of this cancer (and ovarian cancer) increase. This mutation can be checked. In this test, Angelina Jolie, the famous gourmand, removed both breasts as soon as she saw the possibility of breast cancer, but there is no cure for cancer. So breastfeeding out of sheer fear is impractical. When ‘early checks, early treatments; He also wants to preserve the mantra 'Ayu Arogya Labhe'.

For early diagnosis, all women need to have their breasts examined from time to time. This is the best. The main thing is that it happened for free. Doctors, their fees, examinations, their expenses, etc. can also be examined through cuts or mammography. This is more precise. This is done as part of a routine checkup or if the hand has a lump. That way, the cancer can be detected at an early age. It can be removed by spreading it here and there. Healing will be possible. A lump in the breast or armpit, or a lump in the breasts, swollen, wrinkled breasts that looked different, whether it was cancer or not.

First step sonography and mammography rarely MRI.

Mammography is a delicate x-ray of the breast. Delicate so that very little X-rays are used. For this, the breasts are squeezed and X-rays are taken. Three-dimensional x-rays have also become possible, and this has led to more precision in the investigation. Soon, artificial intelligence machines will be used to interpret this picture, and human intelligence will come to an end!

Breast sonography

Here the breasts are looked at with the help of sound waves. It is easy to see whether the lump is solid or liquid. In the past, this diagnosis had to be made by touch. The knot was used to determine how loose the knot was, how tight it was, and so on. I often made mistakes because of all the beatings. New advances in medical imagery have made it much easier for both the patient and the patient to survive.


Knot pattern

The next test is to take a sample of the tumor and test it. By making an anesthesia in place, a piece the size of a needle tip is removed with the tip of a needle or a piece inserted into the cavity of a needle is examined. (FNAC / TRUCUT BIOPSY). Rice is tested from this shita.

Once cancer is diagnosed, its type, prevalence, and disorder are examined. Treatment depends on these three factors.


Types of cancer

The types and subtypes are many, but the principles of treatment are generally the same.

Si in situ: - means still in situ, localized, cancer.

Ductal carcinoma : - It is a cancer of the milk ducts. It's as simple as that. Spread but late. If it is small, it is cured by removing the tumor and giving it a shake (radiotherapy). It does not require a very large operation.

But if there is a large lump, the breast has to be removed completely. If it spreads further, the lymph node in the armpit needs to be examined (sentinel biopsy).

Some of these cancers are dependent on estrogen. This is also investigated. (Receptor study) and reports suggest that anti-estrogen drugs can be used to prevent recurrence. 2 (HER2) tests are used to determine if drugs in the group Herstin.


Invasive cancer - a contagious disease.

The 'grade' of cancer is also checked. 1 means slow spreading, 2 means medium and 3 means fast.


Of course, this is a key issue for any cancer. Various tests (CT, PET, BONE SCAN) are done to find out if it is localized, whether it is breast-bound, whether it is outside the breast.

Most often, during the spread, cancer cells get stuck in the lymph nodes in the armpit and these glands swell. To see if there is cancer, you have to do a physical examination. Checking out images, indexes, and glands also come in handy. This threshold. Many further decisions depend on whether or not the cancer has reached here. If cancer is found here, it is more likely to be circulating across this threshold. Fighting such involuntary cancers is not just a matter of breast surgery. Cells that have spread elsewhere in the body need to be destroyed, so medication (chemotherapy) has to be given.

The stage of transmission is recorded in TNM (Tumor, Node, Metastasis). The tumor is the tumor, the node is the lymph node, and metastasis is the spread. It also has steps like 1,2,3,4. Of course, the wider the spread, the more predictable the future. The first step is a 2 cm tumor and a cancer-free lymph node. The second step is a tumor up to five cm and a cancerous lymph gland in the armpit. The next step is a larger tumor and spread to other lymph nodes around the armpit. In the fourth stage, the cancer spreads to the lungs, liver and bones.

Types, disorders and prevalence are understood, treatments are decided

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