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Healthy Diet Plan : Today there will hardly be such a person, whose food and drink are absolutely healthy. Most of the people prefer to eat outside the home. Many individuals additionally eat a ton of cheap food and so forth.  As a result, people start falling ill. Experiencing the same thing, at whatever point a patient contacts a specialist, the specialist initially encourages the patient to change his eating routine arrangement.  That is why today a balanced diet chart (Normal  Diet Plan) has become the need of the people.

Healthy diet chart not only benefits the patient, but all people get benefit from it. By following the daily diet table, you can make yourself as well as your family healthy. That is why it is very important for you to know what is a healthy diet chart. Let us know what is a balanced diet, and what should be your daily diet table to stay healthy.


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What is a balanced  healthy diet plan (What is Normal Diet Plan or Healthy Diet Plan ?)

Any substance that is made up of sugar, fat, water and protein, and which can be consumed by the organism for living, is called food. Food contains numerous supplements, which are essential for the development and advancement of the body.  Food provides various nutritious elements, such as carbohydrates, proteins, fats, minerals, salts, vitamins and water etc. Nutrients maintain the nutritional level in your body so that you remain healthy. Therefore, it is necessary to consume a balanced diet not only to survive but also to lead a healthy and active life.

 A balanced diet is the basic foundation for good health and mental development. After air and water, food is essential for the body. The digestive juices act on the food when it is ingested, and the essential nutrients from the food are absorbed by the body. This just works on your wellbeing.  The health status of a person depends on the kind of food a person consumes. Therefore it is necessary for every person to follow a balanced diet chart.


Benefits of A Normal Diet or A Healthy Diet

·         The body gets energy.

·         Body tissues are shaped

·         Illnesses are forestalled.

·         Proactive tasks go on without a hitch.


Normal Diet plan Chart  or Healthy Diet plan chart for Male

·         Eat carbs and protein rich food.

·         Make it a habit to eat food about an hour before bedtime.

·         Along with this, a habit of exercise and walking should be made in the morning.

·         Waking up in the morning, you can take a glass of milk, which does not contain cream. Eat 2-4 almonds with it.

·         Taking small amount of snacks like juices, fruits, green tea, nuts etc. in the evening keeps the energy step up.

·         Sprouted grains, seasonal fruits or upma can be taken for breakfast. Carbohydrate-rich food should be consumed in breakfast.

·         In lunch, you can take lentils, roti, vegetables, rice and salad. Along with this, a cup of curd or buttermilk should also be taken.

·         Less and light food should be taken at night. Try not to take rice for supper.  Only roti, vegetable and salad can be taken.


Normal Diet Chart or Healthy Diet Chart for for Women

·         Nutritional requirements for women are different from men. Ladies need more iron than men because of period.Therefore, women should consume these foods as a balanced diet:-

·         Women should take protein rich food for breakfast.

·         Eat  bread or oatmeal.

·         Eat fruits. Milk and nuts can also be taken in breakfast.

·         Make the meal of the day, consisting of carbs, proteins and fats.

·         Eat 2 rotis, a bowl of rice, lentils, vegetables, salad and curd in the meal.

·         Green tea, juice, fruits or nuts can be taken in the evening.

·         Dinner should be lighter than the day. 2 roti, vegetables, salad and bowl of lentils should be taken.

·         Drink milk before sleeping at night.


Complete Details of A Diet  Plan Chart (Normal Diet Chart or Balanced Diet Chart Details)

The requirement of food and drink is different according to the physical structure of per  person and the hard work done by him. For this to keep the mind working smoothly and the body not tired, every person needs about 1200 to 1800 calories. These calories are better transmitted to the body in the form of energy, which is not stored in the body in the form of fat. Therefore, the amount of food items in the diet chart should be in terms of calories:-


·         Keep three main meals of the day like – breakfast, lunch and dinner of 250 to 350 calories.

·         Keep snacks and other items within the remaining 300 calories.

·         Drink green tea.

·         Do not eat maida and rice at all. Whatever food you eat, be it wheat or brown rice.

·         Drink water in the morning. Drink about 3 glasses of lukewarm water.

·         Have oats in breakfast, however don't have outside additive rich oats. Make plain oats by adding onion, garlic, cinnamon, fennel, broccoli and salt etc. to it. Occasionally consume cornflakes and skimmed milk.

·         Have 5-10 almonds, coffee or green tea, tea made from ginger, basil, cinnamon and ginger, cardamom in between meals and snacks of the day. Do not add sugar to it.

·         Eat a bowl of brown rice, salad, lentils and two rotis in the day's meal. Along with this take a bowl of salad.

·         In the evening, take  green tea.

·         In dinner, eat a bowl of veg soup, a bowl of salad, a large bowl of papaya or a bowl filled with boiled vegetables, add garlic and onion to it.


Your Lifestyle in Healthy Diet Chart while adopting a healthy diet plan

·         Practice meditation and yoga everyday

·         Must eat fresh and light hot food

·         Eat food slowly in a quiet place with a calm, positive happy mind.

·         Be sure to eat three to four meals

·         Do not skip meals at any time and avoid excessive food

·         fast once a week

·         Leave 1/3rd / 1/4th part of the stomach empty means eat a little.

·         chew food well and eat slowly

·         Walk for 3-5 minutes after having a meal

·         Wake up before or with sunrise means wake up at [5:30 – 6:30 am].

·         Brush twice daily

·         Do tongue nirlekhana (tongue cleaning) daily

·         Sleep at the right time in the night, ie go to sleep at [9-10 PM].


Avoid these during the balance diet plan-

·         Cereals- new rice, maida.

·         Lentils- Kulath, Urad, Rajma, Chole.

·         Fruits and vegetables- Brinjal, potato, lime, mustard, tomato, lime, sour grapes, potato, jackfruit, arbi.

·         Others- Curd, fish, cheese, spicy food, mustard oil, oily spicy food, excess salt, cold drinks, fast food, junk food, canned foods.

·         Your lifestyle- Adharni vega to stop (not stop stool-urinary), do not wake up in night (ratri jagran), atap sevan (incense intake), do not fast.

·         These things are strictly prohibited - oily spicy food, pickles, excess oil, excess salt, cold drinks, refined flour, alcohol, fast food, soft drinks, junk food, canned foods, non-vegetarian, non-vegetarian soups.

FAQ Related A Healthy Diet

What is a healthy  diet plan?

A healthy  diet plan is one that provides all the necessary nutrients to your body. Nutrients such as proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals are found in those nutrients. Fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains and proteins should be included in your daily diet for balanced nutrition. If the diet does not contain all these nutrients, then the body not only becomes weak but also becomes a home of diseases.


Does eating a healthy diet also lead to weight gain?

By taking a good diet, the person's weight does not gain, and the body remains healthy and active. A balanced diet maintains a person's physical and mental health. With age, a person has to face problems like forgetfulness. Along with a balanced diet, you should also change your routine. This builds the capacity to battle infections.


Why does the body need a healthy diet ?

Our body is in steady need of energy. This energy is essential for the internal activities of the body. Healthy eating is very important for life to go on smoothly, and for proper functioning of breathing, blood flow, heartbeat etc. These activities are always going on in the body, and they require a lot of energy. Apart from internal activities, the body also needs energy for external work like walking, running, playing or doing any other physical work.

Apart from these internal and external activities, some part of the body's energy is also necessary for the digestion of food, its absorption and transport to the tissues, and their metabolism. The heat produced during this process controls the temperature of the body. This energy is obtained by the body from the carbohydrates and fats present in the food.

New fibers are constantly being made in the body, and old ones keep breaking down. Nutritious elements required for fiber formation are needed in large quantities. The food that you eat repairs the broken fibers in the body every day. Therefore, at any stage of life, the need for essential nutrients for physical formation remains.


Who should give priority to vegetarian and non-vegetarian diet during balance diet plan?

The characteristics of vegetarian and non-vegetarian diet are given here:-

Food is classified into three categories in Ayurveda. These categories represent the three times – righteous rajasic and tamasic. Their detailed information is given here:-

Tamasic food such as meat, fish, eggs, intoxicants, stored food and stale food makes one lazy and lethargic.


Rajasik food is  more spicy. It makes a person restless and aggressive.

righteous food is completely vegetarian. This food is obtained from milk, vegetables etc. It includes complete food items like cereals, vegetables, pulses, fruits, nuts, seeds, milk and milk products.


For your information, the main things related to sattvik, rajasic and tamasic:-

Food is not only a source of energy for various internal and external activities of the body, but it is also a great means to keep the body healthy and strong. Due to this the human brain also works in a healthy way.

Sattvik and vegetarian food is always considered good. It is considered to be friendly to humans, as it is the follower of human sensibilities, while vengeful and non-vegetarian food gives rise to violent and inhuman ideas. That's why vegetarian food is given priority in Indian lifestyle.

Sages and sages have also considered vegetarianism to be the best for a healthy mind-mind. The developed countries of the world have also started adopting vegetarianism according to Indian thinking. On research, it has been found that along with being the cause of cancer and other incurable diseases, it also shortens the life span.

The physical structure of all living beings on the earth and the formation and development of their organs are decided on the basis of the nature and method of their food. The human body and organs have evolved mostly as a herbivorous animal. The nature of the main organs of human like teeth, tongue, intestine, liver, kidney and digestive system and other senses completely matches with herbivorous animals. That's why nature has provided all the healthful nutrients in the form of vegetarian food, including major grains, fruits, vegetables, dried fruits etc., which you eat every day.

Vegetarian diet keeps the body and mind calm and balanced. Vegetarian diet keeps your body non-toxic, clean and pure. Increases immunity power. Therefore, vegetarian food is the best for a person.

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