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The Top 5 Reasons to Get a Credit Card Consolidation Loan

Credit Card Consolidation Loan

If you have accumulated excessive credit card debt, it can be tempting to simply pay the minimum balance on your credit cards every month and avoid getting a credit card consolidation loan altogether. While this might make your finances look better in the short term, over time, it can be incredibly harmful to your financial health. Here are five reasons why it’s important to get a credit card consolidation loan if you’re struggling with high credit card debt levels today.

1) Lower interest rates

Because interest rates on credit card debt are typically higher than those of other types of loans, consolidating your debt will get you a lower rate. Of course, it’s also important to pay off your debts as quickly as possible—that’s where our next reason comes in.

2) Closer to being debt free

If you have multiple credit cards that are maxed out, there is a good chance you’re in over your head with debt. It can be intimidating but if you want to get out of debt quickly, it is time to stop being scared and get some help. The solution: Apply for a credit card consolidation loan. With just one monthly payment, it could save your life!

3) Quicker pay off date

When you get your credit card debt consolidated, you take out one big loan that’s paid off over time. Instead of multiple monthly payments on all those cards, there’s only one payment each month and it goes towards paying down your new loan. You save time and money by having only one payment to make instead of many smaller ones. A higher chance of getting approved: A consolidation loan is an attractive option for those who have been turned down before when applying for their own line of credit.

4) A lower payment amount

By consolidating your credit card payments, you’ll likely be able to lower your payment amount. The lower monthly payment will also let you pay off your debt more quickly and will reduce late-payment fees and other penalties. If you have trouble making payments on time, ask your credit card company about setting up automatic payments from your bank account.

5) Better service

The idea of carrying around two or three credit cards may seem convenient at first glance, but when you’re making your monthly payment and remembering where you can stick your receipts can be stressful. With a credit card consolidation loan, however, all of your monthly bills will come due at one time. That way, every month you can pay off one debt in full and not have to worry about keeping track of where all your money is going or waiting on checks to clear.

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