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The Best of Both Worlds: Purdue Univercity is a Public Land-Grant Research University

Purdue Univercity

Purdue University has the distinction of being both one of the largest universities in the nation, as well as one of the oldest; it was established in 1869, when it was called Purdue University School of Science and Mechanical Arts. Today, Purdue has a total undergraduate population of over 40,000 students, with an additional over 6,000 graduate students attending classes through either its main campus or one of six satellite campuses located throughout Indiana.

2nd Largest Undergraduate Student Population

In 2015, Purdue had about 40,000 undergraduate students on campus. This makes it one of only two schools in Indiana with a larger undergraduate population than both Notre Dame and Indiana University (IU). In fact, Purdue has almost double IU’s undergraduate enrollment.

2nd Biggest School in Indiana

With over 40,000 students and almost as many staff, Purdue univercity is second only to Indiana State univercity in size. It has campuses in West Lafayette, Indiana and Qatar. As one of sixteen land-grant universities in America its main purpose it to provide education related to agriculture and engineering.

4th Biggest School in the US

According to Forbes, Purdue University is ranked as the 4th biggest school in America, having around 49,000 students. All of which are enrolled in one of it’s 16 schools and colleges. With that many people looking for so many different things, you can be sure to find what you’re looking for at Purdue. Maybe even more than you expect.

Highest Number of Nobel Laureates Per Enrollment (1 per 108 undergraduates)

The 2019 Nobel Prize in physics went to Arthur Ashkin, Gérard Mourou and Donna Strickland, who all earned their degrees at either Yale or Cornell. (Donna Strickland also earned her PhD at McMaster). This doesn’t mean you have to go Ivy or Big Red to win; we’re not implying that every great scientist has to go down those hallowed halls.

6,600 acres on campus for free student use (it's also listed as #4 on this list)

To say that Purdue students have access to plenty of land on campus would be an understatement. According to their website, Purdue manages more than 6,600 acres (2,650 hectares) in Tippecanoe County and is responsible for more than 8,000 acres (3,268 hectares) owned by others through various agreements. In total, that means over 15% of Tippecanoe County’s land mass is on or around campus.

300+ International Exchange Programs and Study Abroad Opportunities

Since 2005, Purdue has welcomed over 7,000 international students to campus. As part of its land-grant mission, Purdue helps students learn and collaborate with people from other countries and cultures through 300+ international exchange programs and more than 250 study abroad opportunities. Today more than 1,500 Boilermakers are learning abroad in nearly 40 countries on every continent except Antarctica.

Diversity in Academics

At Purdue univercity, we pride ourselves on offering programs that are not only academically rigorous but also diverse. This means both instructors and students come from all kinds of backgrounds, bringing an array of knowledge to each class. At our school, you’ll study not only with experts in their fields but also with classmates who share your interests and academic passions. The result? An atmosphere where everyone works hard, learns something new and develops strong connections within their community at Purdue univercity—and beyond.

Over 25% Minority Student Population with over 18% Hispanic/Latino

With over 25% minority student population, and over 18% Hispanic/Latino, Purdue has shown that in today’s economy diversity and acceptance are keys to success. Having many different cultures come together to make a university great allows for students to build relationships with individuals from all walks of life, creating allies within their own community.

Only Tier 1 National Public Engineering School in Midwest; 6 Schools Ranked in Top 50 Undergrad Engineering Programs (incl. Aerospace, Civil, Electrical & Comp. Eng., Chemical & Biomolecular, and Mechanical)

Indiana’s land-grant institution and one of only 62 public universities that receives federal research funding. Only about 4% of U.S. universities receive funds for scientific research, and only 18 have engineering programs that are classified in IUPUI’s National Science Foundation rankings as very high research activity. Student Enrollment: 48,000+ (incl.

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