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Lung cancer - Reasons Symptoms Treatment

Lung cancer : God has designed the body so beautifully that all the scientists are involved in solving it and the information that is ...

6 Sep, 2021

Vitamins - Types Source Needed

Vitamins : Carbohydrates, fats, proteins are essential for the growth of all living things. In addition to these carbonaceous substanc...

4 Sep, 2021

Influenza - Causes Symptoms Treatment

Influenza is of the genus Orthomixo viridi. N. A. It is an infectious respiratory disease caused by a virus. The disease, commonly kno...

3 Sep, 2021

Dementia - Alzheimer disease

Dementia disease : Dementia in old age that weakens a person. This patient's ability to think clearly disappears. He loses his ide...

1 Sep, 2021