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What is XDR TB?

XDR TB , also known as Extensively Drug Resistant Tuberculosis, has been declared by the WHO as one of the top 5 diseases that they ar...

30 Apr, 2022

10 Delicious Recipes that are Healthy Food for You

Healthy food doesn’t have to be bland or boring; you can enjoy a wide variety of recipes that are healthy and good for you , as long ...

29 Apr, 2022

6 Ways Avian Influenza Treatment 2022

Number Treament 1. Take Off All Contaminated Clothing 2. Wash Hands Thoroughly 3. Practice Good Hygiene 4. Stay Home From Work/School 5. See...

27 Apr, 2022

Cancer Research Donation

Cancer Research Donation : Your gift today will be used to support the groundbreaking cancer research happening right here at Fred Hutchins...

24 Apr, 2022